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Rough Idea Zone

This is where all my half-formed project ideas come. Sometimes to be developed, sometimes played with. Often abandoned, left to seep into everything else I do over time.

If you see something you're interested in, feel free to just take it. Or talk to me about it. If I've done anything around the idea I'll try to link to it, even if it's just toys and playing around.

There'll be varying levels of fleshing out here, some things are just a spark that hasn't ignited anything yet

React-like native gui framework

  • I feel like this one must exist, but I haven't seen it. Tell me if it does
  • a react-like gui framework for native UI
  • think electron but without the need for a whole browser. No DOM, no backwards compat.
  • bindings for multiple languages, don't need JS or whatever
  • effectively an engine you dump a data-based description of a UI into, and it renders a page

Content Addressable Notes

  • project
  • append-only datastructures
    • make it far easier to sync across machines
    • easier to distribute in general
    • could this be extended to multi-person
  • storing notes as an AST makes them easier to manipulate over time
    • normalise notes / information
    • include metadata / protocol for data storage?
      • might be best to keep this loose
  • making linking a first-class citizen
    • multiple types of link between note. Traditional (w/ backlinks), chains, transcluding links.
  • extensible, easy to develop with
    • git-like tooling allows for new 'plugins' to simply be binaries with the can-{name} form
  • 'writing folder' for currently worked-on notes, reading, storage for non
    • commands for fetching similar, linked or interesting notes
  • allows for interesting UI possibilities (similar to git, again)

Distributed wiki

  • edit it? host it.
  • tech?
    • hypercore/beaker browser

Glue-like chat platform

editable Tree-viewer for RPG maps

  • dedicated, structured UI for exploring and creating a pretend space
    • has to be quick enough to use for improvisation in-game
  • add locations you can go to from certain places on the fly (new or otherwise)
  • list of 'impressions' per location
  • list of possible things or people per location
    • can move the people, things around as 'markers' or aide memoir?
  • notes you can attach to any of the above
  • view of all locations (as a graph?)
  • localstorage import/export
  • keyboard shortcuts

Time-tracking log-writing environment for RPGs

  • big date/time thing you set to whatever you want
    • ability to create your own months/years/cycles of whatever
  • increment clock by subdivisions with clicks/keyboard shortcuts
  • logbook section. Write notes, automatically gets timestamped.
    • logs can auto-increment by a certain amount if you want
    • shortcodes for incrementing before/after a log is made
  • store in localstorage. Import time/export log/clear and export log