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Create something concrete to understand and develop ideas

Producing something concrete when working through an idea can help to understand the idea more fully.

The form the creation takes depends on the idea, but writing; drawing; code; all work well. Whatever it is, it should start small as possible and build up with iterations.

Another advantage is that externalising your ideas allows them to build up over time in a way they can't when kept in your mind.

Active thinking has an upper limit on complexity. Producing something outside of your mind allows you to escape this limit. It also allows you to iterate on your idea much easier and with greater purpose.

Writing is an excellent example of this ability. Externalising your ideas through writing allows you to manipulate your ideas in all possible ways. This makes writing an excellent medium for thinking.

Any medium that allows for the core manipulations of ideas - compounding, relating and abstracting, should allow you to externalise your ideas well.