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Literate Programming in Purescript

After looking for some literate programming software specific to PureScript, I found literate-purescript1. I found no way to build it without it erroring out, and I'm not comfortable with purescript dependencies to go digging just yet (plus, this was a Sunday - didn't want dependency management stress). After some hunting in the issues2 of the project, I found one of the users had published a version on npm as paluh-litps. A little npx later, and this worked just fine.

The reason I fancied literate-purescript over something like lit - which I use for my nvim config - was that literate-purescript uses real markdown, while lit uses nearly-but-not-quite markdown. This means I could include entire literate pieces of software in my other markdown-based projects - such as this one - with no extra work, and with all the tooling that enables.